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Premature skin ageing & blemished skin

Next Generation Natural Skincare

Franco/British/Korean brand that is genderless and ageless.

We don't formulate anti-ageing creams or anti-acne serums, we formulate high performing high-tech products to target skin cellular health and strengthen the skin barrier.

We resolve premature skin ageing & blemished skin issues with our Epigenetic Technology and a deep understanding of the role of microbiome on the skin.

We are more than natural, we are the next generation natural skincare.

Skin Diligent Epigenetic Technology

Epigenetics explain how lifestyle and environment can encourage or discourage the replication of healthy cells or damaged cells.

Skin Diligent’s Epigenetic Technology uses rare epigenetic ingredients and other supporting ingredients to shape skin cells before they divide, so more healthy skin cells are created.

Skin Diligent:

High Performing. Latest Science-backed. Good for the Skin. Natural. Clean. Tested free of endocrine disruption.

"The new approach to caring for our skin involves working in harmony with our microbiome. This is the Skin Diligent approach. In this sense, they are a trailblazing cosmetics brand”

Dr Barbara Brockway, 2021

Past President, Fellow Member & Trustee of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS)

Human sciences are evolving thick & fast, and they are telling us we have so much more power than we think to improve our health and skin health. And that's really the definition of epigenetics in a nutshell! Tule Park, co-founder ------

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