Vitamin C Serum-in-Oil

"It's rare enough to be highlighted: I saw the effect of this product on my skin from the first application!”

Marie Bladt
Editor of Green & Beauty

Specialists in

Premature skin ageing & blemished skin

Clinically-proven & dedicated to skin health

Franco/British/Korean cosmeceutical brand that is genderless and for all ages. A pioneer in epigenetic & microbiome skincare.

> Researched by leading biologists & ethnobotanists.
> Engineered by green chemists.
> Formulated with nutricosmetics.
> Priced for greater accessibility.


Skin Diligent Epigenetic Technology

Epigenetics explain how lifestyle and environment can encourage or discourage the replication of healthy cells or damaged cells.

Powered by rare epigenetic ingredients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories & microbiome-friendly ingredients, it targets the 9 hallmarks of cellular skin health.

The 9 Hallmarks in Skin Diligent Epigenetic Technology

Epigenetic alterations

Affect gene expression to turn genes 'on' and 'off'.

Telomere protection

from the DNA damage response and length shortening (sign of ageing).

Microbiome symbiosis

as a fundamental co-existence between human cells & micro-organisms.

Stem cell protection

Understanding the accumulation of DNA damage.

Skin regenerative capacity

Understanding the process of wound healing.

Melanin regulation

Mechanisms of inhibiting melanin synthesis in ageing.

Antioxidant capacity

Its role in premature ageing and blemished skin.

Hydration capacity

Water content at the skin barrier level.

Skin pH regulation

The role of endogenous & exogenous factors.

"The new approach to caring for our skin involves working in harmony with our microbiome. This is the Skin Diligent approach. In this sense, they are a trailblazing cosmetics brand”

Dr Barbara Brockway, 2021

Past President, Fellow Member & Trustee of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS)

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