Before & After Acne-Prone Skin Kit

Daisy P. 18 years old (Acne-Prone Skin Kit)

I have always had a mixture of rosacea and acne, mainly on my cheeks and chin. I've been to dermatologists and tried various treatments, but each improvement only lasted a few days... at best! With Skin Diligent, I wasn't sure what to expect, I was just hoping to see an overall improvement: but the results have far exceeded my expectations!

Fleur S. 18 years old (Acne-Prone Skin Kit)

I tried Skin Diligent products at a time when my acne was super inflamed. Soon the itching disappeared and every week I could really see the inflammation clearing up. The food supplements and the Skin Diligent routine helped me get the acne under control and the redness down.

Henry H. 21 years old (Acne-Prone Skin Kit)

After trying many treatments with no visible results, the Skin Diligent kit helped reduce the redness of the pimples on my face very significantly. In addition to having no side effects, the routine, which combines food supplements and skin care, was very easy to apply.

Skin Diligent's Difference

Franco/British/Korean brand with a unique perspective and innovative technology.

Efficaciously resolve skin blemishes & premature skin ageing naturally.

Our unique 'whole-istic' IN/ON/UNDER approach to skin health with simplified daily routines & multifunctional products that respect the skin microbiota:

IN Food supplements support your health and skin from the inside out

ON High-tech & natural ingredients improve skin apperance

UNDER Antioxidants and epigenetic technology work on the skin cellular level for skin health

Skin Diligent is the first brand to CERTIFY all skincare products to be free of oestrogenic endocrine disruption.

Skin Diligent Epigenetic Technology

Epigenetics explains how lifestyle and environment can encourage or discourage the replication of healthy cells or damaged cells.  

Skin Diligent’s Epigenetic Technology uses rare epigenetic ingredients and other supporting ingredients to shape skin cells before they divide, so more healthy skin cells are replicated.  

Natural ingredients
Rare but proven, ethically sourced & upcycled

We formulate with rare and clinically-proven botanical ingredients, sourced directly from farming cooperatives. An ethnobotanist supports us in selecting suppliers who practice agro-ecological philosophy.

We never use parabens or phenoxyethanol, sulphates, silicones, or any other petroleum-based ingredients, denatured alcohols, benzoyl peroxide, or retinoids, which we believe can be toxic and/or irritating for your skin.

Your safety first. We've got your back

We will never compromise on skin health or product safety.

All Skin Diligent formulations respect and improve your skin’s barrier, its microbiome, its pH, and your skin cells, without any adverse side effects.


- Dermatologist tested

- Non-irritating

- Non-sensitising

- Certified free of oestrogenic endocrine disruption

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