Skin Diligent is a French-Korean epigenetic skincare brand specialising in cellular health. We combine a French passion for natural beauty with cutting-edge Korean innovation.

Skin Diligent considers the skin to be a reflection of what’s happening inside our bodies and minds, rather than as an isolated organ. Factors such as stress, emotional trauma, nutrition, gut microbiome imbalances, UV exposure and pollution can have significant impacts on the skin, influencing its premature ageing, regenerative capacity and cell longevity. This is our pioneering definition of epigenetics as the new holistic.

Our products target fine lines, lack of radiance, blemishes, dark spots and other skin problems by directly improving the skin’s cellular function.


Every second, your body produces 3.8M new cells. You have the power to influence their health and longevity as they are created.

Vitamin C Serum-in-Oil

"It's rare enough to be highlighted: I saw the effect of this product on my skin from the first application!”

Marie Bladt
Editor of Green & Beauty

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