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100% of adults tested had an increase of skin hydration after using Vitamin C Serum in Oil*,
100% of adults tested had a decrease in transepidermal water loss (TEWL)**
after only 2 hours of applying the Vitamin C Serum in Oil.

*Corneometer CM825: Instrumental measure on 10 women aged 20-60
**Tewameter TM30: Instrumental measure on 10 women aged 20-60

Independent Clinical Users Test

Hydrates, reduces fine lines, evens skin tone, prevents blemishes & breakouts, improves appearance of skin, makes skin softer, prevents blackheads.

Skin is healthier & more radiant.

Active ingredients

Hemp seed oil

Origin: French organic farming
Reinforces the skin barrier, anti-inflammatory. Rich in Omega 3 and 6, hydrates the skin.

Extract of Pomegranate

Rich in punicic acid, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Targets blemishes and fine lines.

Extract of upcycled cacao

Origin: the agro-food industry
Rich in sterols, it restaures the skin barrier and softens the skin.

Moringa oil

The behenic acid it contains helps to restore the skin barrier and rebalance sebum.
Nourishes the skin.

focus on our star ingredient

The Vitamin C in oil form

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: a rare form of vitamin C, more stable than water-based vitamin C and extremely well absorbed by the skin (compared to water-based forms which have difficulty negotiating through the skin barrier).
This lipidic form is very effective without irritating.

Certified free of oestrogenic endocrine disruptors

Skin Diligent is the first brand to test its skincare products for endocrine disruption on living cells, to ensure the safety of its finished products.

Most frequent questions

I have sensitive skin. Could this irritate my skin?

No, because the rare oil-form of vitamin C in this Serum is non-acidic and extremely well absorbed by the skin. As a result, it is non-photosensitising and effective without irritation.

Will Vitamin C Serum in Oil work on my deep-set wrinkles?

It won’t make your deep wrinkles disappear, but it will help the skin’s collagen level to plump the skin,
rejuvenating its texture and the appearance of fine wrinkles. Beyond the appearance of the skin, it provides longer term, lasting benefits for skin cell health that will help to combat future skin ageing.

I get occasional acne breakouts. Will Vitamin C Serum in Oil help?

Yes, Serum in Oil’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements will help minimise acne and blemishes. If you get occasional breakouts, Serum in Oil will help the blemishes clear up more quickly.