We are Skin Diligent, a pioneer in epigenetic & microbiome skincare. These are our promises.

1. Help people with premature skin ageing & blemished skin

2. Respect the health of the skin barrier, its microbiome, the skin cells, and the human body as a complex organism that self-regulates

3. Improve skin health always, never damage, never sensitise, never irritate

4. Respect the microbiomes of the skin and the gut

5. Achieve the highest quality and high performance formulas that our own families can use

6. Use botanical active ingredients in at least 96% of naturality

7. Use Skin Diligent's natural preservative systems, never phenoxyethanol or parabens

8. Certify all our skincare products to be free of endocrine disruption (starting with oestrogenic endocrine disruption test)

9. Support & boost the body from inside to restore the skin balance with food supplements, based on the latest science of nutrition

10. Be a catalyst for a more humane, ethical, safer and sustainable brand