Blemished Skin Acne

Acne is first and foremost, hormonal. But there are other epigenetic factors also involved, like stress, nutrition, and other lifestyle choices.

If you are an adult woman, this means your monthly menstrual cycles can trigger breakouts and the level of oestrogen/androgen fluctuates. There are also other hormones at place in acne such as cortisol (stress) and insulin among others. So periods of sustained stress, lack of sleep or poor nutrition can also lead to flare-ups.

If you are an adult man, flare ups are rare. Some men who consume whey proteins for muscle build-up or steroids can be affected by acne.

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Skin Diligent's products won’t put your skin through the unnatural process of ‘skin purging’ or sensitise it or make it thinner. All our products are UV safe, work to reinforce your skin barrier and provide cellular protection. You don’t have to worry about applying our products only at night. That’s because our products reinforce the skin barrier and boost the skin cells with antioxidants.