Skincare Success Stories

Daisy P. 18 years old
(Tested Skincare + Food Supplement)

"It's always been a mixture of rosacea and acne, predominantly on the cheeks and chin. I've been to dermatologists and tried various treatments, but anytime it got better it only lasted for a few days - if that! With Skin Diligent, I didn't know what to expect but I simply hoped that I'd simply see an overall improvement - but my results have been so much better than this!

Within a week, the redness had cleared up almost completely. Although I still have marks from previous acne, the serum and cream seem to still be improving this.

To anyone looking for acne products, I would highly recommend the procedure I've followed, especially if experiencing redness and discolouration in particular. This isn't only because of the improvements I noticed straight away, but because these results have lasted. Anytime in the future I experience flareups or setbacks, I'm confident that these are the products I'll use for a reliable fix!"


Fleur S. 18 years old
(Tested Skincare + Food Supplement)

"I tested Skin Diligent products at a time when my skin was quite bad. Shortly after starting, the redness started to reduce and I could see progress weekly. The food supplement with the skincare routine allowed me to take back control of my skin.

Using Skin Diligent's kit was also an opportunity to observe my skin, something I had never done before, and try to understand what impacts it. Unlike many products that only focuses on the physical side, I appreciated Skin Diligent's routine that also targeted from the inside.

After using the kit for 2 months (while I had to wear a face mask for 8 hours a day for work), my spots are now painless and I have hardly any major flare ups. Some spots still appear but they vanish without much complication. I don't have 100% clear skin, but I'm on the right path and I will continue with the routine."


Zoe D. 13 years old
(Tested Skincare + Food Supplement)

"The products are really nice and make my whole face smooth and moist. I would definitely want to buy them now that I've tried them." Zoe.

"Really delighted with this regime. Easy, effective and very good value. The products improve general skin texture and tone whilst treating the inflamed spots and problem zones. It's good to know the products and supplements are carefully sourced and natural" created with a lot of care and attention to not risk any side-effects. 

We saw an improvement in my daughter's skin within days. The regime was easy for her to manage and repeat, and the capsules small and easy to swallow. After 2 weeks, the redness around her acne was 80% reduced and the spots drying, with no new pimples appearing. By the end of the month she had only a couple of small spots on her forehead. She will definitely be following the maintenance advice to sustain the improvement. We would happily recommend this programme." Sara Derry, Zoe's mother. 


Henry 21 yrs old
(Tested Skincare + Food Supplement)

"After many skincare treatment attempts without any visible results, the Skin Diligent formula significantly reduced the redness of the pimples on my face.

In addition to not having felt any side effects, the treatment, which combines food supplement and skin care, was very easy to apply."