About Us

Launched in 2021, Skin Diligent is a London-based French-made cosmeceutical brand that combines botanicals with highly technical delivery systems to be gentle on the skin yet super-effective. 

Co-founder Tule Park, who is originally from Korea, has dedicated 4 years of study and research to the sciences of microbiome, epigenetics (non-genetic factors like lifestyle choices that affect our wellbeing) & nutrition. And to launch Skin Diligent, she teamed up with a French ethnobotanist and researchers in biology and green chemistry to explore effective botanical acne treatments without any side effects.

A word from the co-founder:

"The Aha! moment came when my teenage daughter started getting acne. I discovered that a 3-month prescription of oral antibiotics and some combined retinol creams were the standard first line of acne treatments. And progressively I discovered that all medical acne treatments were 30 to 50 years old, pre-dating the genome and microbiome sciences. They were mostly harsh, cell damaging, and controversial."  Tule Park


3 pillars of Skin Diligent

Epigenetics & Microbiome:

Thanks to the sciences of epigenetics and microbiome, we now know that the microbiomes (gut & skin), stress, chemical exposures, hormones, nutrition, pollution, and genetics are inter-connected in skin health. They form the basis of Skin Diligent's triple approach - food supplements from inside, skincare products to repair and protect the skin barrier, and also improve skin health at the cellular level. 

Korean cosmeceuticals:

Tule's work with several Korean cosmeceutical companies gave her the clarity of vision for a European based cosmeceutical brand - improve skin health, reinforce the skin barrier, and get results with intelligent delivery systems for proven active botanical ingredients. 


Against endrocrine disruption:

Acknowledging the risks of endocrine disrupting chemicals only dates back 20 years. These chemicals damage human reproduction, metabolism, and growth, among others. For this reason, Skin Diligent's skincare products have all been tested and are free of oestrogenic endocrine disruptors. Skin Diligent is a pioneer in the industry and hopes to encourage other brands to follow. 


All these paths and others have led to an Ultra Safe skincare brand specialising in blemished skin and premature skin ageing.