Acne is a skin condition that reflects what is happening inside our bodies. It can be a response to hormonal imbalance, chronic inflammation in the body, lack of antioxidants or an ongoing condition of the body and mind. The problem can be recurrent if the internal causes are ignored.

The number of people affected by acne or blemishes is increasing. Today, 85% of teenagers and 40% of adult women are concerned.


Acne is hormonal

We now know that the various forms of acne are all linked to hormonal imbalance (not only related to androgens, but also to insulin, oestrogens, adrenaline, cortisol and many others). Factors such as cell damage (oxidative stress), hyperactive immune system, stretched nervous system and dysbiosis of microbiomes (the imbalance of the gut and skin microbiomes) can fuel this hormonal imbalance.

These various factors contribute to the stimulation of androgens which in turn cause increased sebum production, and promote the proliferation of the population of certain bacteria including C. acnes.


Acne is more than genetics

Genetics can predispose us to acne, but epigenetics has a significant influence on the process of acne development. Epigenetics explains how non-genetic factors influence our health, including skin health. Diet, stress, pollution, medication, lack of sleep and toxic substances are some of the factors that affect hormonal balance and therefore have an impact on acne.

In order to address acne effectively, it is important to act on these factors for short-term results and long-term prevention.

The solution to target acne must be multiple and act on the different causes of imbalance (diet, stress, toxins to which we are exposed...). It must not in any way attack or further damage the skin or skin cells.

Thanks to the new sciences of epigenetics (genome) and microbiome, we know that acne can be managed with more health-friendly methods than the traditional harsh treatments.  

At Skin Diligent, we are passionate about offering an ultra-safe alternative to these treatments with an approach that targets acne from the inside (IN), on the skin surface (OUT) and at the skin cellular level (UNDER). We do this with botanical skincare that helps remove oxidised sebum, reduces redness while controlling the population of acne-causing bacteria and a dietary supplement that boosts antioxidants and minerals.


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