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The importance of intestinal health

The gut is one of the most underestimated organs in the human body. Yet it is home to trillions of bacteria that regulate our health and mental health. Maintaining the balance of this microbiome is therefore essential.

Good intestinal health has a significant impact on:

Enhanced immunity
Improved regulation of hormones
Improved weight management
Increased energy levels
Improved mental and emotional state
Reduced inflammation, including skin inflammation
And even a reduced risk of certain cancers and diseases

Why is intestinal detoxification important?

Many health problems, including skin problems, can be traced to an accumulation of toxins in the body. And yet, the sources of toxins are increasingly numerous in our modern lives, causing bloating, gas, constipation, headaches, brain fog, hot flushes, blemishes and brown spots on the skin - all of which can be signs of poor detoxification.

Although several organs are responsible for detoxification, the workhorse is the liver. In the 3-phase detoxification, the first 2 phases take place in the liver - the identification & the biotransformation of toxins into eliminable waste. The last phase involves the transportation and elimination. The gallbladder helps with the transport of toxins and the intestines are responsible for elimination.

But toxins reaching the gut from the detoxification process can encourage the type of gut microbiome that produces more toxins if not properly evacuated on time. So understanding the gut detoxification is key to health and skin health. 


Take part in the 3-day Challenge to benefit from gut detox!

Why 3 days?

It's the minimum to see results. This is a gentle detox program that you can repeat regularly for health maintenance and better skin health.

What does the Challenge involve?

Created in collaboration between Tule Park, Skin Diligent co-founder and Eliane Tordjmann, a certified naturopath, you will receive the complete program including the shopping list and beautiful French-influenced recipes for 3 days. Just sign up to the form and we will send you the info! 

When to start?

The challenge starts on January 13th for 3 days. It's a program you can repeat at any time during the year. To get ready, complete your shopping, start cooking on the 13th and join the challenge with Skin Diligent's greater community. 

Who can take part?

Due to its gentle nature, almost anyone can take part, but those on special diets with a medical prescription are advised to consult their practitioner first.

Join the Challenge with your friends and family!

The challenge is even more motivating when done in a group. Invite your friends and enjoy the benefits of this healthy programme together!!

For those wishing to do a full detox, we would recommend you contact an experienced practitioner before undertaking one. You could experience side effects depending on your toxic level. 


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