Is there a need for food supplement if we eat healthy food?
Unfortunately, the 'theory' and the 'reality' are different when it comes to nutrients. 

Let's take acne as an example 

In theory, the best foods to support the fight against acne are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods. Healthy fats like oily fish provide the Omega 3 (DHA, EPA) and other fatty acids, along with vitamins and minerals. Plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables and grains provide vitamins, minerals, carbs, fibres and proteins. Lean animal meat provide the proteins, more minerals and more vitamins.

In practice, the food we consume are contaminated or are depleted of minerals. The fish we eat come from polluted oceans, be it aquaculture (fish farms) or wildly caught. Our oceans contain high levels of certain toxins like mercury, dumped by industrial factories, mining and construction. High levels of mercury are found in both farmed fish and wildly caught.


Toxins leached into the oceans have entered the fish food chain, and in turn, into human food chain


Our industrial agricultural methods deplete the soil of its nutrients. According to the Nutrition Security Institute, there were 400 mg of calcium, magnesium and iron in U.S. cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach in 1914. In 1997, that mineral content had shrunk to 75 mg. Even organic fruits and vegetables are lacking in minerals. Organic farming is mainly concerned with the chemical pesticide and fertilisers, not about soil depletion of nutrients.


Industrial farming methods deplete the soil of its nutrients and require strong chemicals to keep it producing at high rates

Food supplements for acne

The minerals and vitamins in our food help fight the toxins we consume, but nonetheless their levels get drained fast. Consumption of stimulants like coffee, alcohol, soda and sugar, for example, use a substantial amount of minerals to get processed. Stress and lack of sleep add to the demand of minerals and vitamins. 

Acne is an inflammatory skin response which also requires minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Supplementing helps correct the fast depletion of these micronutrients in the body and directly and indirectly target acne. 


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