Product Safety

How safe is a 'safe product'? 


Regulations around the world set the standards for product safety. The standards set by the EU and the UK are one of the highest in the world. But still, the regulated list of allergens, endocrine disrupting chemicals or sensitising ingredients is short, while many more are suspected and haven't made the list yet. The process of getting a suspected ingredient on the official list could take years or decades.

So at Skin Diligent, we went further than regulations.

Skin Diligent  Other brands
Effective preservatives test Yes Yes
Packaging compatible test Yes Yes
Shelf life test Yes Yes
EU restricted ingredients screened Yes Yes if EU made
Suspected allergens screened Yes Some
Endocrine disrupting chemicals test on finished products Yes None that we know of
Benefits the skin pH Yes Some
Sensitising ingredients screened Yes Very few
Natural preservatives Yes Very few


Endocrine Disruption

There are 16 chemicals that make up the EU Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals list (14 of which are environmental disruptors and 6 are human endocrine disruptors). Then, there are hundreds of ingredients (synthetic but some natural too) that make up the suspected list. Even if you steered away from all of the above ingredients, you can still end up with a product that is endocrine disruptive. How so? 

The 'cocktail effect' of chemistry is about the sum of the total


A 'cocktail effect' can create a situation where an ingredient gets 'triggered' by chemistry of the mix of ingredients and becomes endocrine disruptor. This is why Skin Diligent screened for all possible offenders and also tested the final products for endocrine disruption. At the moment, the endocrine tests in skincare mainly target the oestrogenic disruptors, as these are the most threatening ones, affecting human reproduction. 


Why Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals are bad for skin and health? 

As humans, we only started seriously to care about endocrine disruption in the last 20 years or so. But science is already showing how "multiple hormone systems, including those involved in foetal development, immune response, reproduction, metabolism, obesity and brain development can be targets of EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals)", according to the Endocrine Society.

There are also 'susceptible periods' in our lives when the body is more sensitive to all hormones and endocrine disrupting chemicals (because EDCs mimic the hormones). The susceptible periods are pregnancy, newborn and puberty. This is why Skin Diligent diligently tested all its skincare products for oestrogenic endocrine disruptions, knowing that the products are used by young people, some of whom are in puberty. 


Other Safety Concerns?

You probably pay a lot of attention to active ingredients. We do too, but we also pay equal amount of attention to the 'neglected' ingredients. We opted early on not to use the popular preservative phenoxyethanol, which single-handedly replaced the paraben (it's added in almost everything), and instead we developed a unique preservative system as natural as possible.

As a young person, you may not care so much about safety (probably just want results). But even if you are unaware or don't care now about safety issues, we wanted you to simply benefit from the results while we got your back covered.