Menopause Acne

When you are experiencing menopause, your body goes through many hormonal changes and acne flare ups can be a menopausal problem - and it can even affect those who have never previously suffered from acne. Menopause acne occurs as a result of a hormonal imbalance, and most likely due to a drop in oestrogen which increases the androgen/oestrogen ratio. 

At Skin Diligent, we pride ourselves on the fact that we do not use harsh chemicals and antibiotics in our approach to target acne-prone skin. Skin Diligent provides natural, effective and ultra-safe products to target breakouts, including a gentle cleanser, spot treatment serum, and a unique anti-breakout oil. (They have been clinically tested for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, causing no irritation or sensitisation.)

Skin Diligent's products won’t put your skin through the unnatural process of ‘skin purging’ or sensitise it or make it thinner. All our products are UV safe, work to reinforce your skin barrier and provide cellular protection. You don’t have to worry about applying our products only at night. That’s because our products reinforce the skin barrier and boost the skin cells with antioxidants.