Acne is more than genetics. 


Genetics can make us more susceptible to acne. But epigenetics can strongly influence how acne develops. Epigenetics explain how non-genetic factors influence the creation and the health of human cells. Nutrition, stress, pollution, toxic products are some of the epigenetic factors that affect health and acne.

We know this thanks to the Human Genome Project and the Human Microbiome Project. These projects were an inflection point in the human history. They paved the way for the beginning of massive advances in cellular science, genetics, epigenetics and human microbiome, among others. 

Now we know acne is linked to many factors such as cell damage (oxidative stress), an imbalance of hormones (not only androgens, but also insulin, adrenalin, cortisol, etc), possibly an overactive immune system, a stretched nervous system and a gut dysbiosis (imbalance of the gut microbiome). These diverse channels can lead to an overproduction of androgens, sebum, and a disproportionate population growth of certain bacteria. Young people have a fast skin cell turnover and when the skin cells don't get sloughed off in a timely manner, they set the stage for a cascade of events that lead to acne.

Living in urban areas, we face an onslaught of inflammatory factors - stress, non-diversified diet, poor sleep, pollution, medication, stimulants, chemical personal hygiene products, etc. And managing these factors have to be part of acne treatment for the short term and part of health improvement for the long term.

As a response to the body's inflammation and body's condition, acne can go away and come back. But every time acne returns, it is important to try to understand the possible sources of acne and not just quieten the symptoms. Without the acne symptoms, we may never know the source of the health problems. Acne is not an isolated skin condition, it is a message from the body informing us of its health condition.

For this reason, Skin Diligent Acne-Prone Skin Solution has been formulated to care for acne-prone skin from inside and outside. Acne & Stress, our food supplement in the kit, targets the stress, the hormonal imbalance and replenishes with antioxidants. The skincare (3 products) in the kit starts with a gentle cleanser that exfoliates and adds probiotics on the skin, then targets the sebum, the redness, while regulating the acne-causing bacteria. The 3 products work synergistically in conjunction with the skin pH and its microbiome to target acne and reinforce the health of the skin.


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